How will chemists change the way we eat? The Future of Food

Mar 5, 2020 - 7:00 to 8:30
Food impacts major problems facing humanity—health, sustainability, global warming, poverty and inequality. Learn how the chemistry community can work to address these challenges through food science in this video event hosted by the American Chemical Society. What to Expect? A video webcast hosted by Kerri Jansen, Assistant Editor at C&EN, featuring presentations and Q&A with experts in food chemistry. Professor Joseph “Jody” Puglisi, Stanford professor and head scientific advisor to Beyond Meat, will discuss the chemistry behind new plant-based alternatives to animal meat and how these innovations could help address the major challenges facing humanity. Be the first to bust our “Food Myths Trivia”! Unpack raffle prizes, handouts, and other ACS resources to share with your members* Take your event further with the ACSPIB “Expansion Pack,” including guides for optional hands-on activities, ice breakers, experiments, and discussion questions This event is aimed at college-level chemistry students and early career chemists, but it may be suitable for some high school groups and other communities. Email with questions about program content.