Finding Legislation (Bills, Laws & Regulations) & its Analysis – for Beginners

Nov 30, 2021 - 9:30 to 11:00

Even if you’re a Law student, finding Legislation, how it’s been used in court, and what the legal community thinks of it all, can be overwhelming!

Learn about the very basics (or come for a refresher) on the legislative process to produce our laws, and how you can track a Bill to its final destination, a Statute, and what Regulations are. Find out, too, how to start looking for analytical information about these legal instruments, including analysis of their coming into force, their effectiveness, their use in court proceedings, and their impact on individuals and society.

*** Part of the ASPIRE series of workshops. ***

Learning Outcomes:

• Awareness of key legal instruments.

• Awareness of how a Bill becomes a Law.

• Where to look for the different parts of Law.

• Discovery of sources for legal commentary.

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