Library Covid-19 Update


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A summary of library services under Covid and a list of notices of disruptions


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Fall Service Summary

Last updated

Tab was last updated: September 6, 2022

Description of Summer Service Summary

All services in the Library continue to be guided by Laurier’s health and safety protocols and policies.

The following service elements will apply for the fall:

  • Following University guidelines, Users entering the Library are no longer required to wear a face covering during their visits, with the following EXCEPTIONS. Masks are required in the following areas:
      • Instructional Spaces:
        • 1st floor - Instructional Space - Archives Reading Room
        • 2nd floor - Instructional Space – Learning Lab L-207
        • 2nd floor - Instructional Space – Maker Space L-205
        • 3rd floor - Instructional Space – Instruction Room L-314
      • Floors 3 and 4 which are designated as masking required floors
  • Library users will still continue to be able to request items in Omni for pick up in Waterloo and at Kitchener at the service desks and at Brantford at the BPL main Branch service desk
  • Group study rooms are available for booking by single users or groups of users
  • Access to Archives and Special Collections will be available by appointment only
  • Library will provide access to individual study rooms through booking system with priority booking for students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) on floors 4 through 7
  • Individual study rooms open to all students are available on the 3rd floor and at our new study pods on 7th floor. Reservation required
  • Library facilities and services are now open to Laurier alumni and community borrowers
Library Service Details

In-Building and In-Person Services

Library Building Hours
Waterloo Campus Library
Kitchener Faculty of Social Work Library
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (see following note)

Note: Access to the FSW Kitchener campus is limited to current students, faculty and staff registered in Social Work.

Students may access the Kitchener Faculty of Social Work library for study space at all other times the building is open by One Card swipe.

Brantford (Book borrowing services provided at Brantford Public Library Main Branch)
  • Students can study in the DLLC
  • Game Collection is currently not available
  • Brantford Public Library (BPL) will continue to provide access to print collections and will offer borrowing services for Laurier Brantford users based on BPL protocols
  • See BPL website for Main Branch service hours
Student Study Space

For information on Library study rooms and other areas, please see Study areas


Course Reserves

Students can access a wide variety of course materials (scanned journal articles and book chapters, eBook chapters, streaming audio/video, etc.) through the Library's ARES online reserve system from the Library homepage or within MyLearningSpace.

For information about course readings, see

Access and Circulation of Print Library Materials

Access to book stacks at the Waterloo campus and Kitchener Faculty of Social Work libraries is open including browsing and direct borrowing. Users can request items for pick up at the Waterloo campus library (main service desk) or Faculty of Social Work library (user services desk). Brantford Public Library will provide borrowing services for Laurier Brantford users.

Additional service details
  • Omni and interlibrary loan (ILL) requests will be available for pick up at the service desk at the Waterloo campus library, the Kitchener Faculty of Social Work library, and the Brantford Public Library
  • Access to materials from the fourth floor ensemble room (scores and videos) will be available by request to be picked up from the main floor service desk
  • For users who are not able to come to campus, the Library will continue to offer a direct to home mail service (Mail on Demand, see below)
Omni Service Enhancements (Scan on Demand, Mail on Demand)

The Library offers several innovative services developed to improve user access to our physical collections.

Scan on Demand: Users can request scans of print book chapters or single journal articles held at the Laurier Library Waterloo campus. Scanned items will be delivered via email. For more details, visit the Scan on Demand service page.

Mail on Demand: Users can request books and other print items from Laurier and all partner Libraries through Omni for delivery by mail. The Library will mail your requested items to you with return postage included. For instructions on how to use it, visit the Mail on Demand service page.

Archives and Special Collections

The Archives and Special Collections is open for research appointments only from Mondays to Friday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Robert Langen Art Gallery

The Robert Langen Art Gallery and in-building exhibitions are currently open and available to Laurier faculty, staff, and students, and community members, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (and Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. -5 p.m.

The Library and the Robert Langen Art Gallery (RLAG) are pleased to present the “Take Only What You Need” exhibition by a renowned Indigenous artist Christi Belcourt. More information on exhibits past and present.

Please email with any questions.

Library Makerspace

The physical Library Makerspace is now open to all students, faculty and staff Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

No appointments are necessary and there is no room capacity limit

Online/Virtual Services

Ask Us Virtual Chat Service

The virtual research support service Ask Us will continue to be available for Laurier users during the virtual chat service hours

Subject Liaison Librarian Support

Support for Accessibility/Students with Disabilities

The Library provides a number of targeted services to support students registered with Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) to remove barriers, and allow opportunities for equal participation for study spaces and accessing resources and services.

For more information, check out the Library’s new Accessibility Hub.

Notice of Disruptions

Details last updated: July 15, 2022 (pending update Sept 9, 2022)

Details of Notice of Disruptions 

Notices of service disruptions

Accessible Content ePlatform

Access to the physical collections

  • Description: Access to the Gaming library in the DLLC is restricted
  • Reason: Health & safety

Alternative: None

  • Duration: TBD

Noise in Waterloo Campus Library

  • Description: Noise on 2nd floor and some upper floors
  • Reason: Repair to water system
  • Alternatives: There will be other spaces in library where noise may be less
  • Duration: Approximately 8 weeks

Access to physical buildings

  • Description:
    • Kitchener Social Work library is open Thursday and Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm.
    • At the Brantford Campus
      • The Digital Library and Learning Commons and game collection is also closed
      • See the Brantford Public Library services page for service hours
  • Reason:
    • Other hours are limited due to health and safety
  • Alternatives:
    • Virtual library services are available, such as by emailing or virtual meetings with subject librarians
    • Books and other circulating items can be requested through Books to Go and picked up at the Waterloo campus library and the Brantford Public Library
  • Duration:

Archives research appointments

  • Description
  • Reason:
    • Health and safety
  • Alternative
    • Staff continue to provide some virtual reference services, on-demand scanning services and answer questions about supports for classes and research
  • Duration:
    • Unknown

    Borrowing from Laurier Library’s games collections

    • Description:
      • Borrowing from the Gaming collection is not active
    • Reason: To protect the health and safety of library users and staff
    • Alternatives:
      • None identified yet
    • Duration: To be determined

    Course readings: Print reserves

    • Description: Library print reserves are not currently accessible at our libraries
    • Reason: To protect the health and safety of library users and staff
    • Alternatives: Electronic course reserves
    • Duration: To be determined

    In-person/in-library research appointments

    • Description: Librarians and staff are currently not available for in-person/in-library consultation on research
    • Reason: Health and safety
    • Alternative:
      • Virtual library services are available, such as by emailing or virtual meetings with subject librarians
      • Online chat is available for questions too
    • Duration: To be determined


      Library spaces for relaxing and respite

      • Description: The regular library spaces for relaxing and respite (comfy chairs) are not available
      • Reason: To protect the health and safety of library users and staff
      • Alternatives:
        • None identified
      • Duration: To be determined

      Phone help

      Robert Langen Art Gallery and exhibitions

      • Description:
        • For Laurier faculty, students, and staff, the gallery is open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm
        • For visitors not from Laurier, the Gallery is open by appointment only. For more information email:
      • Reason:
        • Current level of restrictions is for health and safety reasons
      • Alternatives:
      • Duration: To be determined

      Study space

      Waterloo campus library
      • Description
        • Use of the individual study rooms by PhD students is not available
        • Use of the 3rd floor individual study rooms is not available for reservations
        • Description of accessible software in the individual study rooms at the Waterloo campus library is not available
      • Reason
        • A review of the accessible software in the individual study rooms is pending work assignment by trained staff
      • Alternatives
        • To be determined
      • Duration
        • To be determined
      Brantford Digital Library and Learning Commons
      • Description
        • The group study room in the DLLC can not be reserved
      • Reason
      • Alternatives
        • General study space in the DLLC is available
      • Duration
        • To be determine
      Kitchener Faculty of Social Work library
      • Description
        • Access to the Kitchener Faculty of Social Work library for study spaces or for study rooms for individual use is only available Thursday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm
      • Reason
        • Health and safety
      • Alternatives
        • None
      • Duration
        • To be determined