Access Copyright Agreement

Terms and Conditions (Sections 2, 3 & 4)

Under the Access Copyright Agreement, signed between THE CANADIAN COPYRIGHT LICENSING AGENCY (Access Copyright), and Wilfrid Laurier University, effective as of January 1, 2016, the following are highlights of the terms and conditions:


(a) Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, Access Copyright hereby grants the Licensee a non-exclusive licence, for any Authorized Person to:

i. make copies of up to twenty percent (20%) of a Repertoire Work or make Copies of

1. an entire page or article from a magazine, journal or newspaper that is a Repertoire Work,

2. an entire short story, play, poem, essay or article from a Repertoire Work that contains other Published Works,

3. an entire entry or article from a reference work that is a Repertoire Work,

4. an entire reproduction of an artistic work (including any drawing, painting, print, photograph, or other reproduction of a work of sculpture, architectural work or work of artistic craftsmanship) from a Repertoire Work that contains other Published Works, or

5. an entire chapter from a book that is a Repertoire Work, provided that it is no more than twenty-five percent (25%) of that Repertoire Work,

For any Authorized Purpose, including for use in a Course Collection, and

ii. make a single Copy of a Repertoire Work in accordance with subsection 2(a)(i) for the purpose of interlibrary loan to an institution or a corporation licensed by Access Copyright or to any non-profit educational institution, library, archive or museum, in instances where an exception does not already apply.

(b) Apart from the rights specifically granted in this agreement, the Licensee is granted no other right or licence in the Repertoire Works, Access Copyright does not grant the Licensee a licence to gain or to secure access to Repertoire Works for the purposes of Copying Repertoire Works or for any other purposes.


Nothing in this agreement is intended to prevent the Licensee from reproducing, making available, distributing or transmitting works under a licence or other arrangement authorizing those acts or as permitted under the Copyright Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-42 (the “Copyright Act”).


(a) Copies shall be made only from Repertoire Works that are lawfully obtained by the Authorized Person making the Copies, without violating any licence, agreement or notice on a publication that prohibits reproduction of any part of the publication under a collective licence, and without circumventing a technological protection measure that controls access to or restricts reproduction, distribution or transmission of a Repertoire Work.

(b) Copying from the same Repertoire Work for the same Course of Study in the same Academic Year beyond the limits set out in section 2 is prohibited.

(c) Copies of Repertoire Works shall not be altered and shall include, where reasonable, a credit to the author.

(d) Copies of Repertoire Works shall not be used in association with any partisan political activities, for endorsement of a cause or institution, or in advertising a commercial product or service.

(e) Copies of Repertoire Works shall only be distributed, made available, accessible or transmitted to Authorized Persons or in accordance with subsection 2(a)(ii).

(f) Copies of Repertoire Works shall not be transmitted, posted, uploaded or stored on any device, medium, computer, computer network, public network, the Internet, or in any other manner that makes the Copies publicly available or accessible to persons other than Authorized Persons.

(g) Copies of Repertoire Works shall not be transmitted, posted, uploaded, stored or indexed with the intention or result of creating a library of Published Works, except as part of a Course Collection.

(h) The Licensee shall take reasonable steps to ensure that Authorized Persons and Subcontractors comply with the conditions set out in subsections 4(a) to (g).