Research data repositories


Faculty, students, and researchers at Laurier can store their research data and accompanying files on the Library’s repository, Scholars Portal Dataverse, our online research data repository. Dataverse has a number of key features, which include:

  • Cloud-based storage on Canadian servers
    • Studies are held in a secure environment that conforms to industry best practices for maintaining data integrity and longevity.
  • Simplified data deposits
    • Researchers can deposit files through a simple upload process that helps generate key file information and metadata
  • Robust versioning and permissioning controls
    • Researchers can limit access to select individuals, down to the individual file, or keep studies locked
  • Simplified metadata creation
    • Researchers can build templates to help create metadata for their study’s files
  • Transformation-ready downloads
    • Published numeric files can be downloaded in many different formats (e.g., SPSS, SAS, R) without affecting file integrity
  • Persistent URLs (e.g., DOIs)
    • Datasets or files you choose to publish will be easily discovered and cited
  • Indexed metadata
    • Published Dataverse studies are indexed by Google and the worldwide Dataverse network, making your work easy to discover and access on the web

For more information on integrating Dataverse into your data management planning, or for information on subject-specific data archives and repositories, contact your liaison librarian or Michael Steeleworthy, the Laurier Library Data Librarian.