Studying Youth & Children: An Introduction

Course #: YC100

For your Media Analysis assignment, you have been asked to use the three different sources listed below to examine the similarities and differences in representation of children and youth on your topic.

To make sense of your observations, you have been asked to find and use readings from 6 academic sources. This is where the library comes in.

(1) movies/television shows

  • the public library offers DVD sets of old tv shows you can use and it's closeby (just down Albert Street) all you need is proof of your address here in Waterloo (like a rent receipt, or utility bill) and your student card
  • you can access quite a few CBC shows online through

(2) newspapers (i.e. CBC, BBC, The Globe and Mail, etc.)

  • we have good access to news articles and I'll be showing how to access these in class.
  • you can also get some broadcast transcripts from LexisNexis Academic

(3) social media.

Some suggestions:

Don't forget, on October 5th you need to hand in a proposal that includes your topic, the three media sources you will use for your project, plus a list of which readings you will use to analyze your media content.