Sociology of Men & Masculinities

Course #: SY409

Your professor has explained that he wants you to use the Sociology literature to find peer-reviewed articles, and electronic articles (e-resources as we call them) are fine- they don't have to be on paper only (print resources).

That means you can go to the Sociology subject guide page and use the database group I suggest you start with, called Sociology @ ProQuest. For those who haven't yet come in to see me about finding good articles for their paper, I strongly suggest you book an appointment with me, so I can show you how I do research.

Should you not have the time or inclination to do that, you can read "How to Anne Kelly your search" which describes in step-by-step detail how it works using an example question. If you follow the example steps, then plug in your own topic, you should get some help finding good articles. It's not a linear process and often the first time you try searching any new topic, it doesn't result in spectacular articles. But try different subject headings, look at articles to see which words were used to describe it and maybe use those words instead.