Sociology of Crime: Structural Perspectives

Course #: SY241OC

For Assignment #2

You have been asked to select two articles from scholarly sociology journals on the sociology of crime. Each article should make an original contribution to sociological theory and should not have any quantitative or statistics component. This is a really challenging search, so I highly recommend that you make an appointment with me for in-person help, if you can.

If you want to use an article from a non-sociology journal you will need your instructor's permission, and all articles must be submitted in .pdf format, so it's better to choose from those articles that are already in that format.

How to find good articles:

  1. Go to the Library Subject Guide for Sociology and click on "Sociology @ ProQuest". **Remember- if you're coming from off-campus, you will need to log into the library's page first! You can also use Scholar's Portal journals to do your search.
  2. Create your search using the drop down menus on the right side of the search boxes. My best search was for: Police (as a subject heading) AND (rac* OR discrimination (as subject headings)) AND sociology (as a word in the abstract). This gave me 17 articles, 16 of which are peer-reviewed and unless they have some statistical part which would disqualify them, or are not available in .pdf format, I could choose two of them to do this assignment.
  3. To ensure your article is actually about the sociology of crime it works really well to add the following to your search: sociolog* (as a word in the abstract)
Please note:

Your instructor has reconsidered the following requirement: “You are not permitted to use articles from aggregators or indirect sources such as Proquest, LexisNexis, or any other aggregator of article”, so you CAN use ProQuest or other aggregators to find your article.