Revolution in Western Science, from Aristotle to the Enlightenment

Course #: HP201

Concise Book Review Assignment

Finding books and book reviews

  • Finding a book on your topic
    • Select a topic that interests you and think about some keywords:
    • For example, "the history of experimentation" keywords = experiment, experimentation, history, method, methodology
    • Go to the library catalogue ; enter your search terms and click Search
    • Refine your results by "Relevance"
    • At left side of the page, Refine results by Publication Date to find the most recent titles
    • Select a title that seems most relevant to you; Use the Details tab to see other subject headings, e.g. Science -- Experiments -- History, or details of the book such as chapters
    • Use the more specific subject headings to find more relevant and specific results
  • Finding book reviews for your book
    • Go to the library catalogue ; enter the title of your book and then Search
    • If book reviews are available, you can easily see them by selecting Reviews in the Refine My Results section at the left side of the results screen
    • If you can't find a helpful or detailed enough reviews in Primo, try some of the resources on our Book Reviews tutorial page