Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture

Course #: WS490H

    locating scholarly sources

    Locate items you identified in bibliographies. Locate additional academic sources (books and articles) in an appropriate library research tool. How can I tell if my source is scholarly? (video: 5:31)


    • Primo
      • Primo contains citations for books, but also articles, videos, audio files, etc.
      • citation information is listed beneath Details -> Actions
    • ebooks
      • Primo contains the ebook titles, but you can also search across the full text of our ebooks
    • graphic novels
      • print/online graphic novels in our collection


    other formats of research materials

    citing your sources

    additional resources

    Libraries and organizations have created collections of digital (or digitized) collections. The Library subscribes to some collections (designated with $), while other collections are available for free. Some selected examples include: