Gender, Sexuality and Popular Culture

Course #: WS490H

    choosing your topic and research question

    Choose a topic that is interesting to you and relevant to the course. Locate reputable sources of background information

    Once you have your topic, you'll need to develop a thesis statement. It helps to think about what your research question will be, too. While your research question may not actually appear in your paper, brainstorming a question to explore and answer can help direct your inquiry.

    locating scholarly sources

    Locate items you identified in bibliographies. Locate additional academic sources (books and articles) in an appropriate library research tool.


    • Primo
      • Primo contains both books and articles. It can be more efficient to focus on the books in Primo, and then use a subject database (below) to search for academic articles.
    • ebook
      • Primo contains the ebook titles, but you can also search across the full text of our ebooks by searching through an ebook interface
    • graphic novels
      • print/online graphic novels in our collection)
    • Worldcat
      • If you identify a book in bibliography but determine our library does not own it, you can search for it in WorldCat (and also find similar books), and see which other libraries own it. Or you can simply request the item via Interlibrary loan.


    other formats of research materials

    citing your sources

    additional resources

    Libraries and organizations have created collections of digital (or digitized) collections. The Library subscribes to some collections (designated with $), while other collections are available for free. Some selected examples include: