Film History to 1950

Course #: FS240

A) First steps

  • Your OneCard is your library card. New cards should be automatically registered.
  • You will be asked to login when accessing paid resources from off campus
  • Using an American Film? Find background information in the American Film Institute Catalog

B) Finding a focus

C) Evaluating sources

D) Finding books and book chapters

Primo catalogue

  • Limit to "Books" tab
  • Search film title and/or director
    • Note: books about individual films are in a different place from books about directors
  • Consider the context, using subject searches. eg: "motion pictures France" "realism in motion pictures" "documentary films" "social aspects" "political aspects"
    • Don't know the right terms? Search by keyword, then click on "Details" to see subject terms for each book
  • Where are the books at Laurier?
  • Request from other libraries
    • Start early!

Don't want to read a whole book?

  • Check the table of contents (at the beginning of each book) or the index (at the end) for your keywords

E) Finding journal articles

Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text

  • For scholarly sources, limit search to "peer reviewed"
  • Limit by language

F) Need more sources?

  • Try searching JSTOR. This database has many full text, scholarly journals for all disciplines. Be very specific with your search, since you will be searching every word of every article.
  • As you read each books and article, note when the author mentions other useful sources

Link for exercise, Nov. 4, 2015:

G) Other resources

Having problems? Don't hesitate to contact me: email, call (519-884-0710 x3384), drop in, or make an appointment. My office, L3-312, is one floor up from the main floor of the Library on the Waterloo campus. Come up the stairs, then walk straight ahead.