Creating Poster Presentations for the Sciences

Course #: Science


Research Posters: Creation, Design, & Best Practices

A libguide from the University of Toronto.

Effective Poster Design

A libguide from the University of Guelph Teaching Support Services.

Creating Effective Poster Presentations

This website, created by three American science professors, provides a comprehensive, yet concise, overview of how to create effective posters from defining your message, to planning your poster, to your poster's aesthetics, to how to effectively present your poster during the session. If you are only going to visit one resource on creating your poster, make it this one.

Designing Conference Posters

This webpage, by former evolutionary biologist and current photographer Colin Purrington, reads like a long, humourous, but exceedingly useful essay on poster design, both good and bad. He offers novel ideas for attracting attention to your poster, as well as a number of PowerPoint and OpenOffice poster templates.

Design of Scientific Posters

This webpage by Michael Alley, an Associate Professor of Engineering Communication at Penn State, is short on text but long on examples and PowerPoint templates.

Designing Effective Posters

This webpage by Fred Stoss, Science Librarian at the University of Buffalo has some great poster examples.

University of Michigan Poster Presentations

Includes some excellent Poster Samples.

Article: Ten Simple Rules for a Poster Presentation

From the Journal PLoS.

Poster Blog - Better Posters

University of Alabama Poster Presentation for Undergraduate Students

Northern Arizona University Poster Tips

University of North Carolina


Impactful Scientific Posters - The Basics

This short video from the American Chemical Society is a good introduction to creating effective posters.

Giving an Effective Poster Presentation

This video teaches you how to present your poster during a session.

Image Sources

Make sure to give credit for images by citing them using the same citation style as the rest of your poster.

Google Advanced Image Search

Google Advanced Image Search allows you to limit results by usage rights. Choose "free to use or share" to make sure you may use the retrieved images on your poster.

Wikimedia Commons

All of the images on Wikimedia Commons are freely useable. For more information, please visit this page on reusing content outside Wikimedia.

Flickr Creative Commons

Many photographs on Flickr are available for use under a Creative Commons license.


Places to Publish Posters