Communication Research Methods

Course #: CS235A

Research Critique Assignment: Finding research articles

Step 1:

Break your task into component parts. You will need to find:

  • one research article, not a critical essay or review paper
  • in a peer-reviewed Communication Studies journal
  • on a type of physical or mental illness or disability
  • published between 2000-2017
  • employing survey, content analysis, discourse analysis, ethnography, or interview

Step 2:

Search in Communication Studies Journals

  • Go to the Communication Studies Subject page
  • Select the Communication Studies @ EBSOhost database
  • Narrow your search to only the Communication & Mass Media Complete database
    • Select "Choose Databases" above the search fields
    • Select Communication & Mass Media Complete from the list of databases; deselect all others, then OK
    • type Communication in the first search box and then select the SO Publication Name in the field drop-down menu
    • click the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals check box

Step 3:

Search for an article on a type of mental or physical illness or disability

  • add a term such as "mental illness" or "heart disease"

Step 4:

Limit your results to articles between 2000-2017

  • Use the "Published Date" section to select particular year ranges, or the Limit To section of the results screen on the left-hand side of the page

Step 5:

Search for an article that employs survey, content analysis, discourse analysis, ethnography, or interview methods

  • type in your specific methodology in the search box at the bottom of the search section, e.g. "content analysis"
  • Your search will look like: communication AND "mental illness" AND "content analysis"


  • Don't limit to Full Text
  • Sort results by relevance