Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice with Families

Course #: SK652-1

About this Guide

This guide was created for SK652 students. It provides information to help with the library research required for Assignment 2: Family Challenge.

Doing a Critical Review of the Literature

Reviewing the literature on a particular topic (e.g. trauma, divorce, family violence, etc.) means finding and reading the key research about that topic. A literature review is an up-to-date overview that includes the most pertinent research on a topic. Careful searching and selection are required.

Finding Journal Articles

Once you've chosen a topic (i.e. the family challenge you have identified), a good place to start your research is the Library website.

The Social Work Subject Guide provides a list of subject-specific databases to search for peer-reviewed articles.

Finding Books and Book chapters

Search the Library catalogue to find books on your topic.

Once you find a book on your topic, check the table of contents for chapter titles under the "Details" tab of the search result or take a look in the book itself.

What if the book you want isn't in Kitchener?

You can order a book from other libraries and have it shipped to Kitchener for easy pick-up.

Citing Sources in APA, 6th Ed.

You'll find the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association in the Kitchener Collection (BF76.7.P83 2010)

It's also important to know when to cite. Understanding Plagiarism (video: 4:48) is an essential academic skill.


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