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Database Description
120 Management see Emerald Insight
18th Century Journals see Eighteenth Century Journals
19th Century British Newspapers see British Library Newspapers
19th Century Index (C19) see C19: The Nineteenth Century Index
19th Century Masterfile 1106-1930 An index to a variety of primary sources from the 12th century up to 1930. View full description.
19th Century UK Periodicals Scans of British newspapers, 1800-1900. View full description.
1st World War see First World War
20th Century North American Drama see Twentieth Century North American Drama
21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook Full-text articles on criminology. View full description.
21st Century Sociology Provides a timely and comprehensive assessment of the 100+ specialty fields of Sociology View full description.
AAAS journals see Science
AAS Historical Periodicals Collection see American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection
AASHPC see American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection
ABELL see Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature
ABI/INFORM Collection Combined search of ABI/INFORM Dateline, Global, and Trade & Industry. View full description.
ABI/INFORM Complete see ABI/INFORM Collection
ABI/INFORM Dateline Index for local and regional business publications with some full text. View full description.
ABI/INFORM Global Business and management database with abstracts and many full-text articles View full description.
ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry Source for trade and industry news covering companies, products, executives, and trends. View full description.
ABSEES see American bibliography of Slavic and East European studies
Abstracted Business Information see ABI/INFORM Collection
Abstracts in Anthropology Abstracts for journal articles for major topics in Anthropology View full description.
Academic OneFile Selected academic journal articles in a variety of subjects. View full description.
ACC see American Consumer Culture: Market Research & American Business, 1935-1965
Access UN see Readex Access UN
Accessible Content E-Portal see ACE
Accounting & Tax Database see Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection
Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection Index and full-text collection on accounting and taxation. View full description.
ACE Collection of 10k+ digitized books in accessible formats for those with a print disability registered with the ALC. View full description.
ACM Digital Library Contains bibliographic information and selected full-text of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) publications. View full description.
ACM DL see ACM Digital Library
ACS journals see ACS Publications
ACS Publications The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a publisher of peer-reviewed research journals in the chemical sciences and related fields. View full description.
Adam Matthew Archive Explorer see Archive Explorer
AFI Catalog Full-text filmographic information and plot summaries. View full description.
AGRICOLA see NAL Catalog
AGRICultural Online Access (AGRICOLA) see NAL Catalog
AIHC see American Indian Histories and Cultures
AIP journals see AIP Scitation
AIP Scitation Journals published by AIP, APS, ASCE, ASME, SPIE, etc. View full description.
AIP Society journals see AIP Scitation
Alexander Street Anthropology see Anthropology Online
All EBSCOhost databases see EBSCOhost databases (all)
All ProQuest databases see ProQuest databases (all)
America: History & Life Covers Canadian and American history. Comprehensive index, with abstracts, for journal articles and book reviews. View full description.
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection US periodicals from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s, on a wide variety of topics. View full description.
American bibliography of Slavic and East European studies Print index for articles, books and other publications. View full description.
American Chemical Society journals see ACS Publications
American Consumer Culture: Market Research & American Business, 1935-1965 Market research reports and supporting documents regarding the American consumer boom of the mid-20th century. View full description.