Waterloo campus Library summer renovations to run from April 25-early September

Summary/need to know:

  • The Waterloo campus Library will be undergoing a series of renovations from April 25 to early September, 2016.
  • The building will remain open, but there will be construction noise and some service disruptions during the renovation period.
  • Key improvements include the following: new Robert Langen Art Gallery space, new WLU Press offices, improved Services and Help Desk, elevator upgrades, addition of solar panels.
  • The faculty reserves desk and Interlibrary Loan office have made permanent moves to L3-300 and L3-318 respectively.
  • If you have questions at any point in the process, contact ext. 3222 or infouser@wlu.ca.



The Library is pleased to announce its summer 2016 program of renovations to its Waterloo campus building, which includes the addition of a new Robert Langen Art Gallery space, an improved Services and Help Desk area, and offices for WLU Press, among other improvements.

The program is set to commence the week of April 25, and to be completed for the start of the Fall 2016 academic term.

“In the past year, we have made a number of successful steps towards our vision of the Library as the intellectual and cultural heart of campus, and these renovations are the latest physical manifestation of our efforts,” said Gohar Ashoughian, Laurier’s university librarian.

“Our goal is to create spaces where students, faculty, staff and everyone else in our community can come together to access and interact with information and people – be it in the form of digital or print media, an artistic exhibit, a workshop, a theatrical performance, or an inspiring conversation.”

We are grateful to our users for their support and patience as these important improvements are carried out.

1. Projects overview

The following initiatives are planned. Additional projects may be undertaken; we will ensure that users are updated regarding additions or changes to our slate of activities.

Robert Langen Art Gallery construction

The new Robert Langen Art Gallery space will total approximately 1,800 square feet and centres on a main gallery designed to double as a multi-use student and events hub.

WLU Press office construction

The offices of WLU Press are scheduled to move from their current location at 255 King Street N. to the Library in the early fall of 2016. To facilitate this move, a new home for WLU Press is being constructed in the northeast corner of Floor 4 of the Waterloo campus Library building, adjacent to the Music Collection space.

Elevator upgrades

Due to the ongoing technical difficulties and age of the current elevators, the university will undertake a full modernization and upgrade to the building's elevator system. We will provide additional information regarding this project as it becomes available.

Services and Help desk relocation

Based on feedback from users and staff, we are moving the Services and Help desk to a highly visible location immediately across from the front doors. This adjustment builds on previous enhancements to our desk system.

Solar wall installation and energy system upgrades

As part of the university’s Sustainable Energy Management Initiative, the Library will see the installation of a solar wall in addition to interior upgrades of the mechanical and electrical systems. For more information on this project, click here.

Garden stage project completion

The finishing touches will be put on our new Garden Stage in the sunken garden area adjacent to the main entrance. This informal space is designed to host plays, readings, workshops and other event during the warmer months. For garden stage booking inquiries, contact Nick Dinka at ndinka@wlu.ca or ext. 4426.

Stairwell door upgrades

Upgrades will be made to the building’s main stairwell doors to improve accessibility.

2. Effects on Library services during the summer renovation period

All floors and services will remain open during the summer. However, users on floors 1-4 will experience periodic construction noise and disruptions as the work proceeds. In addition, elevator service will be impacted at intervals during the summer (we will provide further information on elevator service disruptions as it becomes available).

We are committed to ensuring the Library is accessible for all users. Services and Help Desk staff are available to assist users with disabilities or other challenges at any time during the course of the renovations. Accessibility coordinator Julie Schnurr is available at jschnurr@wlu.ca or ext. 3477 to answer additional questions.

The following key activities should be noted by users:

Initial staff moves April 25-29: staff in impacted areas will have disrupted availability

Some staff may not have phone or email access as they move to new locations to facilitate the renovations. Please contact the Services and Help Desk at ext. 3222 for immediate attention if you are having difficulty reaching an individual during this period.

Services and Help Desk moving to temporary location adjacent to main entrance

The main Services and Help Desk will move to a temporary location immediately adjacent to the front doors of the building while a new permanent home for the desk is constructed (see below). The Services and Help Desk can be reached at ext. 3222.

Faculty course reserves making permanent move to room L3-300 starting week of April 25

Faculty course reserves services will make a permanent move to room L3-300, which is located immediately across from the elevators on floor 3 of the building. This group can be reached at libreserves@wlu.ca or ext. 3413 if you have any questions.

Interlibrary Loans making permanent move to room L3-318 week of April 25

Interlibrary Loan services will make a permanent move to room L3-318, which is located in the southwest corner of the floor opposite the graduate student office/carrels. This group can be reached at ext. 3418 if you have any questions.