New access procedures for postal code resources

A number of important changes have been made to the licence that governs the access and use of the following Canada Post postal code products distributed by Statistics Canada:

  • Postal Code Conversion Files (PCCFs)
  • Postal Codes by Federal Ridings File (PCFRFs)
  • Postal Code Conversion File Plus (PCCF+)

The new end-user licence agreement for these resources will have an impact on the Laurier community's access to postal code resources for research, teaching, institutional analysis and recruitment.  If you use, or have ever used these files, we ask that you contact Michael Steeleworthy, the Laurier Library's Data Librarian, for more information on licence changes that affect their access and use. Michael will be speaking to researchers and faculties through the fall term to discuss these changes, and he is happy to speak with your research group or department individually.

The Laurier Library is committed to providing access to these data products, which are essential to scholarship in many fields across all campuses. 

For more information, please contact:

Michael Steeleworthy

Wilfrid Laurier University Data Librarian

519-884-0710 x3574