Harvard Business Review licensing change prevents articles from being used in e-reserves

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) has recently made changes to its licensing provisions. Although there has always been a statement saying that you could not place HBR articles into e-reserves, the publisher has now taken technical steps to prevent this for 500 articles and is actively looking for infringements.  

At this time, we recommend that faculty members do not provide links to HBR articles, either in the course syllabus or in any other forum (eg. ARES, MyLearningSpace). You may still continue to list HBR articles on course syllabi but students will have to access articles via the Library either in print or online (click here for instructions in PDF format). 

We are unhappy about the difficulties this causes for faculty and students, and are working with HBR to find better options.

If you have any questions, please contact Afra Bolefski, Business & Economics Librarian at abolefski@wlu.ca or Charlotte Innerd, Head of Collection Development and Acquisitions at cinnerd@wlu.ca.