Change to TUGdoc Service Complete

The Tri-University Group of Libraries has transitioned the TUGdoc service over to the existing RACER service as of Thursday Aug. 29, 2013. This change will help to streamline requests for you, our users: if you want to get access to a journal article which is not available at your local library, you'll be able to request it via RACER, regardless of whether it is available in another TUG library or not. There are no changes to the TUG Hold and Recall service; only the TUGdoc service has been transitioned to RACER.

The TUGdoc service was initially created before the RACER service existed. Our TUG Consortium had resource sharing as one of its core principles. For this reason, we had created our own inter-library loan service to allow the TUG libraries to share journal articles. Since then, RACER, an Ontario-wide interlibrary loan service, was created to make it easier to share resources with other university libraries across Ontario. By decommissioning the TUGdoc service and using the existing RACER service to handle all requests for resources, whether they are located at a TUG member institution or not, we're streamlining the process for requesting items not available at your local institution.

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If you have any comments or questions, please contact Vera Fesnak.