CANSIM socioeconomic data resource offline

CANSIM, Statistics Canada’s resource for socioeconomic data, is currently offline due to technical difficulties. StatCan is working to resolve the issue but cannot give an estimate for when it will be fixed.

In the interim, Laurier users can access CANSIM resources through CANSIM @ CHASS. This resource houses the same data as that found in CANSIM.

To use this service, members of the Laurier community should:

  1. Authenticate as a WLU user at this link
  2. Click through the main screen
  3. Choose "CANSIM Multidimensional View"
  4. Choose "Continue in English"
  5. Choose "CANSIM Multidimensional @ CHASS Main Menu"
  6. Choose "browse tables by subject"

This process will return a browseable list of all CANSIM tables by subject. Once you find a table, choose “OLAP View”; this will give you the opportunity to build a table and export its results in Excel format.