Advanced Primo

Using the e-Shelf

Store relevant books in the e-Shelf, located at the top right in Primo. Sign in first by clicking on the Sign In link. If you don't sign in, you can add items to the Temporary e-Shelf but they will disappear after your session.

Location of the Primo sign-in button

After you have signed in, check the box next to the book title to add an item to your e-Shelf.

Screenshot showing the check box (top left corner, next to the title) to add a book to the e-Shelf

View items in your e-Shelf by clicking on the e-Shelf link (top of screen)

Shows the link to a users e-Shelf (top right of the screen, next to my account)

There are options to e-mail or print, to export the records to use in a citation manager, and to organize your e-Shelf with folders.

 add folders, cut, copy, paste, delete, e-mail, print

Tagging books

You can add tags to each book. Tags help you organize books of interest in a certain area so you can find them again. All tags you add are searchable by everyone.

When you are looking at a book record, the option to add tags is just below the book title in the search results. You need to be signed into your account first before you can add or edit tags. Click on the Reviews & Tags link. A reviews & tags area opens up beneath the link. In this area, click on Add New Tag.

Highlights the location of the reviews and tags which shows up when a user clicks on a book and "add new tag" which appears when users click on the reviews and tags tab

You can find tagged items two ways. Above the Primo search box, there is a Tags link. Click on this to see a list of all tags. You can click on a tag in the list to see items with that tag.

You can also do a search for a tag. Below the Primo search box, choose to search User Tags from the drop-down menu instead of the default Full Record. Your search will bring up all items with the tag you search for.

Shows the location of the tags tab at the top, and the user tags option in the dropdown menu under the search bar

Saved searches and alerts

You can save Primo searches and rerun them, and create alerts that let you know when your search finds new items. To do this, click on Save Search and Alerts at the very bottom of the search results, in the left menu. You need to be signed into your E-Shelf first. You can create an e-mail alert or an RSS feed of your search results.

Shows the location of the save search and alert option on the top-right hand side of the page displaying search results

A window will pop up that asks you to name your search and choose whether you want an e-mail alert or not.

A pop-up window that asks you to name your search and choose whether you want an e-mail alert or not

Finding books

For more information on finding books in Primo, please see Primo basics.